Our scope of services: One-stop shopping

At New Heights North, you will receive professional support for all phases of your project: From consultation to maintenance, we will gladly take care of your concerns.


You can choose between a full planning or an individual consultation, between the sensible integration of existing elements or a completely new design. Our work always meets the highest quality requirements, and also includes fresh ideas.

Our areas of focus

Water Features and Koi Ponds

We focus on both pondless water features and koi ponds.  We can construct any size feature to fit your design.

Retaining Walls

We are Allan Block certified and can build any size wall, whether it be smaller raised planters, or large structural engineered walls- we can build it.  We also enjoy implementing natural stone walls with half man, up to 3-4 man boulders.  These walls make a very structural wall, while adding a natural element to the design.

Sprinkler Systems

We specialize in underground automated sprinkler systems, as well as drip irrigation for special water requirements.  Our trained staff can install any size system, whether it be commercial or residential.  We use 5 year warranty parts including Rainbird, Hunter, and Nelson.  We also have design services available to calculate water consumption and to detail head placement and layout.


Concrete pavers are a great product of choice for driveways or walkways.  They have limitless design possibilties, and come in almost every different shape, color and size.  For a full list of products click here.

Natural Stone

We love to create outdoor living space with the use of natural stone.  By using several types of flagstone, we can build patios and walkways that are both functional and natural in design.  Due to its natural nature, stone is always dependent on availability, so we encourage you to visit your local rock yard to see what they have in stock.

Earth Work

Our staff is trained on all aspects of machinery, mostly using mini-excavators and bobcats.  With years of experience, we can prep any site to flow with your design.  We also use machines to move mass materials, digouts for water features, top soil prep, and site clean-up.


Plants are a very important aspect to any landscape.  Whether you want to take charge and pick out your favorite plants, or leave it up to us to put a plant package together- we are willing to work with you.  




Outdoor Lighting

If you really want your landscape to stand out and shine, then there is no better way to do this than with outdoor lighting.  The use of path lights, up lighting, and flood lights, can really complete the project.  Lighting is good for not only accenting your design, but also for security reasons by keeping your grounds illuminated.


We always recommend to have at least a simple design before breaking ground.  The design acts as a blue print for the project and keeps both the homeowner and the contractor on the same page.  We prefer to work with Cascade Design Group, owned and operated by Paul George.